What is Inbound Recruitment?

The traditional techniques of recruitment and selection of personnel have been based on the publication of job offers by companies so that it was the candidates who registered. The new trends try to turn this mechanism around: it is time for companies to be the ones seeking to attract candidates and not for the candidate to be the one who has to make the company fall in love.

What is Inbound Recruitment

As we have already said, it is a strategy focused on capturing potential candidates for our company and making the company an attractive place for these candidates. The main idea is that the candidate should choose the company and not the other way around.

Searching for and finding a good candidate by chance is not the same as a good candidate being interested in us. If the motivation comes from the candidate, it will be much more likely that they will stay with us instead of leaving for another company.

But how do we attract the candidate? What can we do to be interesting and attractive for the best profiles in the market? Let’s see some tools that can help us.

3 tools to boost Inbound Recruitment

Employer branding or employer brand

As we discussed in a previous article, employer branding is the employer brand or the image that the company projects both externally and internally. In short, the image that our clients and people outside the company have as well as that of our team.

Communicating employer branding consists of showing what the company is like, its values, its characteristics, the people who work within it, that is, showing the company as it is so potential candidates can feel like they know something of us and the way we work. Thus, in addition to our values, we will transmit transparency and clarity in communication. These characteristics help us build trust in the candidate, and also with clients, which will make us more attractive in the eyes of both.

Employee Experience

This second tool can be aided hugely by good employer branding. The employee experience is the professional life of a person within our company. In taking care of this process, we are also taking care of our image. Why? Because our employees are our best promoters.

Let’s imagine that we have a vacancy and a person from our team knows the ideal person to fill it. If that employee is happy with their job and with the company, they will naturally speak to this friend and encourage them to sign up for the selection process that is going to open. They will also most likely come to tell us that they know the ideal person for the position. In this way, that person becomes our best promoter because they are happy with the company, they value it and want to participate in its growth and success.

We must not forget that the employee experience goes from the moment we publish an offer until the last day of work in our company. Therefore, we must give attention to both the offer that we publish and the welcoming or onboarding of the person who joins as well.

Design of job offers

The job offer that we publish is just as important because it can attract an idea candidate or not. It depends on how we write it, the functions we mention and the distribution channels we use. When we publish an offer, we are in the second phase of inbound recruitment, so to speak. Why? Because here we must have already been attractive to the candidate, they must already know us, so that they will apply when they see the offer.

In addition, distribution channels are important. Media like LinkedIn will give us a more professional image and others, like Twitter, can allow us reach a more diverse and wide-ranging pool of people. Therefore, researching and knowing where we can find the most interesting candidates is also good practice before posting a job offer.

In short, inbound recruitment is a human resources strategy to attract the best candidates to our company, but for it to be successful we need to be attractive, have a good image in the opinion of our current team and clients and to have researched the best methods and channels to search. In this way, we will attract the best possible talent to our company because everyone wants to work in a place where there is a good working environment, where people management is taken care of, where there are flexibility measures and where they care about the team. If we manage to convey that, we will attract the ideal candidate more easily than we think.

What is Inbound Recruiting?
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