Advantages of the Teal model

What is a Teal organization?

As discussed in a previous article, Teal organizations are business models with three fundamental pillars (self-management, wholeness, and evolutionary purpose) that Frederic Laloux defined and this is said to be the most human and natural form of organization.

Therefore, it is an organizational model that is based on people and not on the final product or service that the company markets. Global labour well-being is pursued within the company, that is, everyone feels that they can be themselves in their job and that the teams see the company as the ideal place to develop professionally and personally.

In summary, the most relevant idea is that a Teal company goes beyond the final product or service and cares about the people on its team.

Benefits of opting for a Teal model

We are going to see some of the benefits of choosing this organizational model because, if we are immersed in a traditional work method, it is very possible that we are not even aware of what the Teal model can offer us.

Team self-management and simplifying of hierarchies

We put these two benefits together because they go hand in hand. By eliminating middle managers and giving our teams the power to decide and make decisions, we will be able to respond much faster to problems or situations that arise.

We eliminate the need to go from one command to another asking if one thing or another can be done. This is the principle of self-management.

However, self-management goes much further. Self-management promotes the ability to make decisions not only about our work or about what we put in place or not, it is autonomy and self-sufficiency, moving from control to coordination. We can combine this with flexibility measures to give total freedom, which requires a certain degree of trust between the team and the company.

It does not matter if, in certain jobs, the person is in the office, at home or in a foreign country, they just need to be aware of their responsibilities and carry them out, making sure that wherever they are, they can do their job in an efficient way.

Individual growth and global growth of the company

Thanks to self-management, each person advances and grows because they have responsibilities that they did not have before. This growth is individual because it is that of a specific person, but it is also global because it is added to that of the rest of the team, so the entire company advances and grows.

In this way we achieve a more efficient and decisive company, with a team that will develop more and more innovative solutions for the problems that arise.


Self-management is still an act that requires mutual trust between the leader and their team. That trust leads to peace of mind because when we trust that we can talk to someone and ask for help, advice or comment on a situation that has happened to us.

This feeling, together with self-management in our work, increases the motivation of the team because they feel that they can grow and evolve in the company and that it is the company itself that helps them along the way.

If the team sees that the company is the one that encourages them to grow, motivation is triggered in the same way that it does when someone tells us that they believe in us. That is the message that we transmit as leaders, we are telling our team that we believe in them and that we trust them. Therefore, motivation grows exponentially.

Labour Welfare

All these benefits have a goal that comes by itself: work well-being. It is true that certain measures must be taken to reach it, such as opting for self-management or a horizontal structure, but at the end of the day when we value the people who make up our company, a very good working environment is created.

Therefore, if we have a team that works at ease, is motivated, in a good work environment and is free to develop in their work, what we are doing is promoting well-being at work. In this way, our team will not feel that it is difficult for them to go to work or that the office is not a place they have to go because they have no other choice.

On the contrary: they will see it as a place where they can develop their full potential, where help between colleagues is the most normal thing and where their well-being is looked after. In short, they will see that the company does not consider them mere resources, but people who make the organization great.

There, from that concept we begin to enter the Teal dynamic. Our people are the main factor that makes our organization great, thanks to them we are able to offer our product or service. Without our team we have nothing to offer. Let’s take care of them, let’s be leaders who help their team grow and develop and ensures that work is not the thing that dominates our lives. Following this model, we as leaders can have a huge weight lifted off our shoulders and begin to enjoy managing people.

Advantages of the Teal model
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