The rise of IT profiles: what are they and why are they so difficult to recruit

What are IT profiles?

The acronym IT refers to information technology. Therefore, IT profiles are technological profiles that are dedicated to designing, creating and maintaining many of the solutions that we have today, such as Apple or Microsoft operating systems.

They are profiles with very specific skills that have a large number of applications, and thus, there are many IT profiles depending on what we want to create or start up. However, we can place them into three groups, which we’ll look at in detail now.

Types of technological profiles or IT profiles


Professionals dedicated to the Front End create the visual or design part of a web page or an operating system. They take care of what we know of as the user experience, that is, the interaction of a user with the environment or the device that he is using. Therefore, these profiles are more dedicated to design than to programming; although, normally, they know languages ​​like HTML, JavaScript or CSS.


For their part, the profiles focused on Back-End are those that are in charge of the background workings of the environment or the device with which we interact. These IT profiles are responsible for programming and are in charge of data and information management and how to process them. These types of profiles handle languages ​​such as Python, Node.js or C#.

Full Stack

Full stack profiles are the last type of IT profiles because they are a mix between a Front-End and Back-End profile. They know both fields, both the graphic part and the programming and information management part, and can carry out tasks on both sides.

IT profiles most in demand in 2022

Some of the most in-demand IT profiles are machine learning engineer, software developer and data engineer. But what do they consist of?

Machine Learning Engineer

These types of profiles are those which are dedicated to creating and designing autonomous artificial intelligence, i.e., they seek solutions to real problems through AI. The algorithms they create are capable of learning and predicting situations that help us solve problems.

Software Developer

A software developer is a professional who creates programs, environments or applications. In addition, they must plan the entire process in detail so that the software project can be carried out smoothly. Among other tasks, they create the code, carry out tests and design the structure of the software.

Data Engineer

These types of profiles are responsible for extracting large amounts of data, purging it and organizing it so that others can later process it. The work of the data engineer is the first step of the work of a data scientist and they use software such as SQL or Hadoop. This data is often analysed for the purpose of discovering trends and making reports or predictions.

What are these types of profiles looking for?

In the search for IT profiles, there is a factor to take into account: technology companies have been one step ahead for a long time now, both in emotional salary and in flexibility measures. They will always be one step ahead in this and are characterized by a lot of self-management and teamwork.

IT profiles seek freedom of schedule and workplace, at a minimum. It’s the system they’ve been using for a long time, and exchanging freedom and trust for the control and supervision of a traditional boss is not appealing to them.

Why is it so difficult to find IT profiles?

IT profiles are difficult to find for several reasons. First and foremost, because they are very specialized profiles there are not many people who meet the minimum requirements. In addition, they are very well paid and, in some situations, it is difficult to compete with those salaries.

It will also depend on the type of company and company culture. IT profiles are used to working with a system of flexible hours and freedom of workplace together with trust between the workers and the company. If a company has a methodology based on supervision and control, they will find it difficult to recruit interesting IT profiles who want to work with them.

The key is to apply emotional salary measures and worry about the well-being of the team at work. Having a team that have been provided with the autonomy to be able to develop professionally, improve and have self-management is a way to attract good IT profiles.

Therefore, IT profiles are very specialized and highly in-demand in the current labour market. They look for emotional salary measures such as flexible hours and workplace freedom. If a company is prepared to approach IT recruitment in such a way that they can offer this freedom and make it a place where they can generate mutual trust between employee and company, they will have a highly motivated team that will be attractive to new recruits. Let’s not forget that the best ambassadors of a company are its team!

The rise of IT profiles: what are they and why are they so difficult to recruit
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