How to create an attractive job posting

What is a job posting?

A job posting is, in short, a call to candidates who may become new workers. However, it is much more than that. It is a form of communication from the company to the outside world and in it we advertise not only what the business is like, but also the company culture that permeates it.

Therefore, we must be clear to find the ideal candidate. We must reflect our style in the offer, our way of being as an organization to attract the perfect candidate, the one we are looking for. We have to provide clear and simple information that identifies us. Only in this way can we get good candidates.

How do you create a good job posting?

To create a good job posting, it is necessary to divide it into several parts in order to present the information well and be as transparent as possible. In addition, the best way to create a good job posting is by relying on the most up-to-date job description that we have in order to put the information in an orderly manner.

It is important to focus this search on what we really need and not what we think we want.

Parts of a job posting

Job Title

The title of the posting must be as unambiguous as possible. We must give the exact name of the position so that there is no room for misunderstandings.

Introduction to the Company

In the first part of the offer, we briefly explain who we are as an organization. One way to do this could be to give the name and city in which it is located, the sector in which it carries out its activity and which profile is being sought and for which location. This last part is very important in companies that have several locations and are looking for profiles for an office other than the main one.

What the company and the position can offer

In this section, we will include, in addition to basic data such as salary and hours, the possible benefits that we have implemented in our company. Among these benefits or measures of labour welfare, for example, the offer of flexible hours or variables for benefits or sales.

In addition, regarding the position, it is important to indicate if there is a possibility of professional growth, since many professionals value this aspect when making the leap from one company to another.

Job functions

The functions of the position must be made clear, not only so that the candidate knows if s/he can perform them or not, but also so that we can know if that person is capable of carrying them out. This is a first contact between the company and the candidate, the next step is an interview and if we do not have clarity on the job functions, it will be difficult to assess whether or not s/he is a good candidate. The opposite can also happen, that we look for a less complex position and we are presented with profiles that exceed them because we have not properly described the functions of the position.

In this section, it may be interesting to add if you have staff in charge or if you must report to a higher position.

Requirements for the job

Depending on the profile we are looking for, this section may be extensive! However, we must also bear in mind that if we close the profile too much, we may not find anyone who fits. No one has a machine for making perfect people for a given position, so it is advisable to open up to profiles of different types and set basic aspects as requirements.

For example, a veterinary profile would obviously require a university degree; however, a dental clinic receptionist does not need a degree in Dentistry!

If we close ourselves off through our list of requirements that constitutes, on paper, the ideal profile, we may be missing out on profiles that are very interesting and can fit much better into our structure.

In short, a job posting says more about us as an organization than we can imagine. For this reason, being organized and clear when communicating what we are looking forwhat we offer and for what position we are recruiting is the key to creating an attractive job posting for the most interesting profiles within the labour market.

How to create an attractive job posting
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