Human Resources Consultancy in Pontypool

People Management Consultancy in Pontypool

We are a Human Resources Consultancy in Pontypool where we work by focusing on people management and how they feel within your organization.

Our goal is clear: to create teams motivated in their work and involved with their company, whether with new incorporations or with those who are already part of your organization.


How can we help you?

Through organizational consulting, you will have a real picture of the current situation of the company to take measures and improve people management, whether to avoid conflicts, improve conditions, and/or employee motivation.

To achieve this, it is necessary to inquire with all the people who are part of the company, with the assistance of an external company like us to avoid influencing the result.

You will receive our opinion and recommendations through a plan of measures to improve the company’s situation, thereby increasing productivity and team involvement.

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What are the benefits?

1. Resolve internal problems.
2. Improve employer branding to attract future candidates.
3. Prevent employee turnover.
4. Improve the work environment.
5. Increase employee productivity.
6. Save on training costs and new hires.
7. Prevent absenteeism.
8. Establish the foundations of a human resources strategy.

Examples of measures that may arise:

  1. Internal promotion or personnel selection.
  2. Conflict resolution.
  3. Creation of a salary policy.
  4. Performance evaluations.
  5. Creation of an HR strategy.
  6. Workforce reorganization.
  7. Increase motivation.
  8. Integration of new hires.
  9. Improve team self-management.
  10. Create an internal communication plan.
  11. Training plans.
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What does an HR Consulting firm do in Pontypool?

Often, difficult situations arise that increase in severity over time and can lead to other situations, such as high turnover or employee leakage. To address this, it is necessary to analyze the problem, its origin, and establish measures to solve it with the help of an external company to avoid influencing the result.

Benefits of an external consultancy in Pontypool

  • Tackle future much more complicated situations.
  • Establish the foundations of a human resources strategy in the company.
  • Create a better work environment.
  • Be fairer to your employees.
  • Increase productivity as they are more motivated in their roles and functions.

Projects in HR that we can undertake together

  • Training in people management.
  • Salary policy.
  • Performance evaluation.
  • Emotional salary.
  • Increase in self-management.
  • Work environment.
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