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we help you to create teams that are motivated in their work and invested in their role and employers

Avansel, a consultancy with a clear purpose: to create teams motivated in their work and involved with their company.

We are a team that believes that another way of working is possible. Values such as transparency, sincerity and good communication define us, together with a working ethos that is based on helping people manage at a national level.
Along the way we have become a Teal company, based on self-management, flexibility and the fullness of our team. Thanks to this transformation, we offer services which are focused on achieving our goal: highly motivated teams who are committed to the company.

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This is the process of giving staff the responsibility to make decisions and the liberty to conduct business with the confidence and responsibility to decide. Don´t mistake this for anarchy – there still remains structures and mechanisms of co-ordination. In this model everybody has a defined role and processes exist for making decisions and resolving conflicts. Staff can, of course, seek advice and guidance but at the end of the day it will be them making the final decision on what is required. This is not an experimental model; it is already implemented in many successful companies operating today.

Positive Attitude

“What I like about working here is the attitude that we all share in the office. We face every situation with positivity, whether it be with clients, applicants or each other. Working with this attitude makes things run much smoother to resolve problems. It can avoid the occurrence of stressful situations and find the best possible solution. We all have to spend time in work so it´s best to bring a positive attitude each day and you will be happy inside and outside of work!”


“I think it´s important to have a team that works well together with the same mindset. At Avansel I have found a group of colleagues that share this vision and are invested in the development and success of our company. We have a proactive approach with both applicants and clients which includes calling, follow up, asking questions and being prepared for any unforeseen events. We help each other in the office and welcome new staff members to make their onboarding as smooth as possible.”

Team - Avansel Recruitment Agency in UK

Learning from Mistakes

An error is an opportunity to learn. When we make a mistake it’s not a problem that you have to make excuses for. Once we can overcome this mental block we can begin to learn from our mistakes and to share these learnings with our colleagues. This can be done through a team meeting or by using technology to our advantage. Why not consider making a short video detailing the error and what you have learned from it and then share this video via a group communication platform. This way everybody on the team can watch and learn.

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At Avansel we are characterised by our transparency with clients and applicants. We assess all situations in the most realistic manner possible in order to provide pragmatic solutions and not to generate false expectations. The Avansel method is to be open, share experiences and ideas, listen and learn from one another. Nobody should be scared to make a mistake!

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Empathy plays a big role in what we do. We must remain cognisant at all times how an applicant sitting in front of us at interview must be feeling. It´s a very delicate time for them! This holds true for the client too, bringing a new person on board can be a difficult time and we must remain conscious of that. We ensure that we are making consistent contact with applicants throughout the process from start to finish, whether they are successful or not. Equally we remain in close contact with the client throughout the process to update them on any and all progress made and to ensure they are comfortable with how the process is going.